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What You Need to Know

Sciinno is a Nordic upper secondary school project funded by Nordic Council of Ministers. Our goal is to offer students a new approach for learning and provide an eye opening experience in science and world of innovation from a broad point of view. Our Nordic studygroups are build on members from Pyhäjoen lukio (Pyhäjoki, Finland), Lyseon lukio (Oulu, Finland), Laanilan lukio (Oulu, Finland), Osyk (Oulu, Finland) and Ørestad Gymnasium (Ørestad, Denmark). We work together with CDK Global (auto dealer software company), Design factory (Aalto University Helsinki) and Max IV Science Laboratory (Lund, Sweden). Beside this parteners we will also explore loads of museums, cultural sites and laboratiories to comprehend our Nordic heritage but also see human as innovative specie. This is a pilot project one of a kind!

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